Requirements for an RFC Number in Zapopan Change Again

SAT Office in Zapopan

A little over a month ago I posted about the process to obtain an RFC number in Jalisco, and why an expat would need one.

Since then, we’ve discovered a new requirement for some residents attempting to get an RFC number in Zapopan.

My husband visited SAT earlier this month to get his RFC number and was told by the bureaucrat helping him that he needed to provide a formal letter explaining why he needed one. (we are here on Residente Temporal visas)

He said he needed an RFC to open a local bank account, but was told a verbal reason was insufficient. When he noted that a letter explaining why you want an RFC is not on the list of requirements for getting one, she acknowledged as much but didn’t bend on the requirement.

Fortunately, this bureaucrat insisting on a letter did not simply turn him away. She provided some sample language for him to use as well as paper to handwrite the letter right then and there.


Here’s a template for how the letter should read:

[Today’s date] [City & state of SAT office you visit]

Yo, [Full name], manifesto bajo protesta de dar verdad que el RFC lo estoy tramitando porque es necesario para [the reason you need one. My husband used “para abrir una cuenta de banco local en Zapopanbut you can write whatever applies for you].


[Full name]


Once it was signed and dated (with the letter signature matching his visa signature exactly) he was processed for an RFC number.

The other interesting twist was when he asked the bureaucrat to load his SAT files onto a flash drive (something temporary residents are normally denied) she agreed to do it.

Since having these original documents in your possession will surely come in handy at some point, I recommend that all expats applying for an RFC bring a flash drive for this purpose. Even if they deny your request, at least you tried.

To recap, here is the latest list of documents required to obtain an RFC number in Zapopan:


      1. Proof of appointment date and time. This is required to get in the front gate, and can be either the SAT email confirmation on your phone or the confirmation printed out.

      1. Proof of your CURP number. My recent post explains how to get yours.

      1. Proof of address in Mexico. Use either an electric or water utility bill for your home. It does NOT have to be in your name. Don’t bother trying other types of proof as they seldom work.

      1. Original residency visa card.

      1. Original passport book.

      1. Copy of visa card. Make sure you have both the front and back on the same page.

      1. Copy of the information page of your passport.

      1. NEW: A letter explaining why you need an RFC number, signed and dated. If you’re a temporary resident the law requiring all citizens and permanent residents to have an RFC number doesn’t apply to you, so they want your reason documented.

      1. Flash drive to load your files. (Optional for temporary residents but strongly recommended)

    As ever, new “innovations” by the bureaucracy are likely to make this list obsolete at some point. For readers who have obtained an RFC from SAT recently, I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

    Bonus tip:

    Unfortunately, many hopefuls have left their SAT appointments unable to complete the task they came for.

    Motivated to get it right the next time, they head back to the online reservation system in search of a new appointment, only to find they’re blocked from seeking another one for 30 days. Some sort of cooling-off period I guess?

    If this happens to you… I feel your pain as it happened to me. Well, I learned a nifty hack on my last visit to SAT that allows you to circumvent the 30-day waiting period!

    It turns out the unique identifier in SAT’s online reservation system is NOT your CURP number but your email address. And since anyone can have multiple email accounts, this is an easy workaround.

    If you get blocked from making a new reservation with one email address, simply use (or create) another email address and use that one in your new request. You’ll be able to immediately proceed!

    Good luck out there with your tramites.

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